Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Divine Rumination

It is fascinating how many bloggers found, like me, divine implications in the Foley scandal. Here's one that goes beyond the Republicans and conservatives, as per my post below and indicts, appropriately I think, the entire American populous. Very insightful....and sad.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Divine Intervention

It's amazing that someone besides me thinks the Foley scandal is the work of a benevolent diety. In my case, it just seems like divine justice. To Glenn Greenwald, another blogger, believes it's just too perfect to be anything but ordained by God. He quotes another blogger as saying it's been executed way too perfectly to be the work of the Democrats. But here's some relevant quotes from Greenwald:

Does the Foley scandal prove the existence of a God?
(Updated below)The Foley scandal is so perfectly tailored -- one could even say artistically designed -- to expose every character flaw of this country's Republican leaders (and their followers), and it has evolved so flawlessly (like the most brilliantly coordinated symphony), that one is almost inclined to believe that it was divinely inspired....

It is as though Republicans are being punished for all of their serious political sins at once, in one perfectly constructed, humiliating scandal designed to highlight their crimes and exact just retribution for them. The Foley scandal is shining a very bright light on their conduct, not just in this one incident but with regard to how they have been governing the country generally over the last five years.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hyprocrisy Quotient

Here' s my theory on what's going on with Republicans and conservatives. God is putting them to the test to find out just how hypocritical they are prepared to be to hang on to power.

First, they have to accept the worst fiscal mismanagement in the history of the country, turning a $5 trillion surplus into an $8 trillion national debt.

Then, they have to accept "nation-building" on a scale unknown in human history.

Then, they have to accept an imperial president who can unilaterally tap your phones, arrest you without charge, throw you in jail for life, torture you or even kill you without recourse, just by declaring you an "enemy combant."

Then, they have to tolerate governmental incompetence in a disaster that results in the deaths of hundreds, maybe thousands, of Americans.

Then, finally, after all this, one thing after another, totally under siege, they get hit with the Big One, the nuclear bomb. Pedophelia! The have to make excuses for leaders who ignore evidence of a sexual predator in their midst in order to protect their majority in the House.

Amazingly, for some conservatives and Republicans, we still haven't hit the deal breaker. The mind reels when you try to think what it would take.