Wednesday, January 18, 2006

James Webb, Republican, Nails Bush

James Webb, Ronald Reagan's Navy Secretary nails the modern day Republicans for their outrageous attacks on Democratic veterans. He powerfully notes the hypocrisy of their constantly invoking "the troops" when defending the war and then slandering genuine veterans who call attention to their lies. Now, it's Murtha's turn as some "independent" group with deep ties to the Republicans starts questioning his medals. The column is in the subscription section, but here's a key quote:

During the 2000 primary season, John McCain's life-defining experiences as a prisoner of war in Vietnam were diminished through whispers that he was too scarred by those years to handle the emotional burdens of the presidency. The wide admiration that Senator Max Cleland gained from building a career despite losing three limbs in Vietnam brought on the smug non sequitur from critics that he had been injured in an accident and not by enemy fire. John Kerry's voluntary combat duty was systematically diminished by the well-financed Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in a highly successful effort to insulate a president who avoided having to go to war.

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