Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paris - Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral

I attended 8 am Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral on this somewhat chilly and overcast morning.  It was a very nice service, celebrated by two Black priests and with 34 congregants in attendance.  There is something extraordinary about the fact that the Mass is the same in every corner of the world, although it is very special in French.  I was able to follow the order of the Mass and the readings by using the "Breviary" app on my IPhone. 

Notre Dame is very similar to the Washington Cathedral.  Of course, it's probably the other way around. 

Mass was held in the front section with the congregation seated on either side of the altar. 

It was a pleasant way to begin our first full day in Paris.

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Maria Judge said...

Who else would have a Breviary app on their IPhone :-)