Thursday, February 16, 2006

George Will Off the Reservation

I guess you have to respect George Will, a true conservative. He's not falling into the trap so many conservatives have who have gone from being conservatives to unabashed Bush apologists and sycophants. Their loyalty to Bush trumps their loyalty to the country and its Constitution.

No Checks, Many Imbalances: "Anyway, the argument that the AUMF contained a completely unexpressed congressional intent to empower the president to disregard the FISA regime is risible coming from this administration. It famously opposes those who discover unstated meanings in the Constitution's text and do not strictly construe the language of statutes."

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BrownCowgirl said...

Excellent article by Will. He should wander off the Res more often. Besides his clear, convincing points, I'm especially thrilled to learn the word "risible" which I will be adding to my working vocabulary forthwith.