Thursday, February 02, 2006

What First Amendment?

I have to say I have some grudging respect for the Capitol Police in the brouhaha over Cindy Sheehan's T-Shirt. Obviously, the screwed up and knew it. But I have to respect the fact that they knew enough that, once they ejected Cindy, they had to eject Mrs. Young, the congressman's wife. It shows that they had some appreciation for the First Amendment. They couldn't distinguish between a message they liked from a message they didn't in dealing with the "speech" of showing up with a message on a T Shirt.

Not so Congressman Young. See below. He would have ejected Cindy and probably tried for a better seat for his wife because she "supports the troops."

Congressman Young is one of the senior-most Members of the House of Representatives, the Chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee. His inability to grasp the implications of his hypocritical view of the First Amendment is frightening.

This is how we could lose our country. Not from Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussien attacking us, but rather from the - at best - neglect or - at worst- contempt our leaders have for our Constitution. No wonder we have a President spying on us and many people don't seem to care.

The Capitol's Tempest in a T-Shirt: "Young said he wouldn't be so mad if it were just Sheehan. 'I totally disagree with everything she stands for,' he said. But by removing his wife, Gainer's officers clearly 'acted precipitously,' Young said."

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