Saturday, February 23, 2008

She's done and she knows it

All the Hillary haters that I know are convinced that she will refuse to concede defeat in the primary until, to coin a phrase used by her husband, "the last dog dies." I am convinced otherwise. She simply cannnot win enough delegates to beat Obama in pledged delegates won in the primaries and caucuses. And, if she tries to steal the nomination with superdelegates and/or the "ghost delegates" from Michigan and Florida, she will wreck the party, ensure our defeat in November and permanently alienate the new voters that Barack as attracted. She may be ambitious, but she's not that stupid or destructive.

Today's Washington Post has a story that, I believe, conclusive demonstrates that both she and her campaign are fully aware that they are about to lose. It only remains to find a respectable way out. If you weren't convinced by her gracious gesture at the end of the Texas debate, read this Post story, will multiple leaks from inside the campaign.

It's over.

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Anonymous said...

Second thoughts?
Her ambition supercedes the interests of the Party.