Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Harbour on Jost Van Dyke

We entered Little Habour at about 5 pm. There were a number of moorings and we found a good one right off the restaurant and bar that were the only commercial establishments in the harbor. It was surrounded by very steep hills, so the sun went down early.

Minutes after we arrived and secured the mooring, we visited by a woman dressed totally in black, with dreadlocks and a black knit cap. She was very friendly and gregarious and invited us to her restaurant for dinner that night, saying it was lobster night. We readily accepted and reserved a table for 7 pm. She said that the mooring was free and she would see us that night.

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DavidLDurkin said...

At the time we met Cynthia, she was dressed in a Rastafarai knit cap and a blue-green shirt with another smiling face with its own cap. The caption was, well, I don't remember, Mon.

She is a joy. Life would be better in this world with more like Cynthia.